National All England Champions

Jayne A. Coleman Academy of Dance is a local school with a nationwide reputation for excellence in all areas of dance. The academy provides a caring and friendly atmosphere, combined with the highest quality teaching, nurturing natural talent with the goal of producing good all-round performers.

The academy’s main aim is to inspire in pupils a love for dancing and performing; and whether a pupil wishes to dance as a hobby, or to pursue a professional career on the stage, it is hoped that all students can reach their potential with J.A.C.A.D.


Our Academy

We offer classes from age 3 years to adult professionals. With a recently renovated building comprising of spacious studios and a specialist singing and drama space, we provide an excellent environment for pupils to learn and progress. Many of our girls and boys are, for all intents and purposes, ordinary children who enjoy filling their free time with dance, performance, music, and acting. We also cater for those who just want to keep fit and have fun as well as our successful professional alumni.  Many of our graduates, although offered 3 year scholarships for full-time training elsewhere, choose to reduce this to 1 year due to the high standards they reach at J.A.C.A.D.

The JACAD Experience

We offer the highest quality of training in R.A.D Ballet, I.S.T.D Modern and Tap, Trinity Guildhall Singing, and L.A.M.D.A Drama examinations. Our pupils can work their way through the syllabus for their chosen subjects, taking examinations which give them the opportunity to build a strong technique leading to fantastic results. Alongside the syllabus classes, we run Street Jazz classes, Adult Ballet and Tap, non-syllabus Body Conditioning classes, and Ballet Coaching. The huge range of options on offer enables each and every pupil to tailor their own personal J.A.C.A.D. Experience.


The formation of our Student Companies in 2001 was an exciting development for J.A.C.AD. Pupils from the main school that demonstrate passion and talent in all areas of dance and performance are invited by the Principal to participate in Company Classes. Festivals and Competitions provide a challenging and highly-competitive arena for the pupils to hone their skills. From small beginnings in 2001, with just a few festival entrants at local level, we have become National Champions in Ballet, Modern, Tap, and Song and Dance at the most recent All England Dance Finals.