Grace Newton

Grace was offered a full scholarship for full time training, but decided to remain at J.A.C.A.D. for an additional year to complete her training in-house. She has had successful dance auditions for Disneyland Paris, Octopus Entertainment and Carnival Cruises, and has just returned from an 8 month contract as a singer/dancer for Warner Productions in the UK.


Grace Newton had this to say about JACAD

"Jayne is an inspiration. Her passion for dance, dedication to teaching and her constant strive for perfection has made me the dancer I am today, and without any full time training, I have recently successfully auditioned for Disney and for 2 leading cruise lines. I owe any success I have in the future to Jayne. She has not only taught me how to dance but also the importance of commitment and work ethic which I will use in every aspect of my life; for that and for so many other things, I cannot thank her enough."