Zoe Jobson

Zoe received a full scholarship at Tiffany Theatre College and graduated in 2010. She performed in the pantomime Sleeping Beauty before leaving for Tokyo where she worked at Tokyo Disney as a face character and dancer.


Zoe Jobson had this to say about JACAD

"I attended JACAD for a few years and it was the best years of my life! I learnt so much about dance, singing and performing here and it gave me the ultimate boost and confidence I need to be in this industry. JACAD taught me how to be a well rounded performer and always pushed me further. I always looked forward to my classes at JACAD as they were fun, interesting and different everyday. I also always looked up to Jayne's teaching and she inspired me a lot to maybe become a teacher like herself one day. Jayne also produces the most fantastic shows which I looked forward to participating in, as well as the festivals and being a part of the All England Dance Finals in London with this dance school. I would like to thank Jayne for all her hard work and making me the dancer I am today!! "