A Night at the Oscars

A night at the Oscars was performed at the Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park, Bracknell on 2nd, 3rd and 4th April.    The show had a cast of 150 pupils performing to packed audiences.    The show was extremely well received with fantastic reviews, please see a tiny portion of the emails received below:

Dear Jayne, I am sure that your inbox will be full of ‘well done’ emails after this evening’s performance. So I am adding mine to the pile. I would like to echo Andy’s comment “WOW” is the only way to describe it. What a show. What entertainment. What a credit all those kids, and the older kids, were to themselves. I can easily imagine how they are bursting with pride in their own achievements tonight. By my reconing there was enough energy expended on that stage to power a small town! Joan and I were uplifted by it all. It was fun, balanced, clever, visual and the little ones were so cute. You have a great team with the skill and energy to put on a professional show. But all succesful teams need a leader so well done to you for the vision and leadership. And thank you for inviting us. It was a really lovely evening.
Councillor Ken & Joan Newland

I just wanted to drop you a line & say what a fantastic show!  We came along last night with family & friends and were completely blown away.  You must be extremely proud of everyone – the standard was so high & EVERYONE seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Nikki has not stopped talking about it.  Since joining JACAD she has become a different person – she has grown in confidence and has made so many new friends.            T.Littleboy

I am sure you are inundated with lovely emails so here is one more…  Over the years I have attended many shows… Professional, amateur etc .., and the ones I remember the most are those that leave me on a “high” due to the high energy, enjoyment and excellence on the stage!  I always told my students to “live” their performance otherwise it will be unconvincing to the audience and will be meaningless!  Every performer gave their all on that stage and you deserve to feel so proud of the excellent standard they have achieved!   But mostly, they all need to realise how lucky they are to have you… Such clever choreography and a clear artistic vision!



Here’s a big thank you from the Hopper family for the amazing show we were fortunate enough to see and have our little Pumpkin, Lara, participate in.

 I was so proud for my husband, my Dad and my In laws to come and see it too.  They were bowled over.

 It was unforgettable.  I experienced emotions that I didn’t even know existed.  What I mean is, I was the parent blubbing into her tissue from beginning to end.  I didn’t even know that was my style!  I was covered in a red rash at the interval because of the adrenaline and excitement of watching the show and I haven’t stopped talking (boasting ;-)) about it since. 

 Today I woke up feeling a little empty.  I admit, during the run up, I was worried I’d over committed my 4 year old daughter.  I wasn’t even sure if I was interested enough in ballet to see Lara through the schedule.  But after an all consuming 3 days, my perspective couldn’t have changed more.  I actually wish I had been lucky enough to have grown up, belonging to a ‘family’ like yours.  I felt like Lara was part of a very special, loving family with lots of possibilities.  They way you welcomed Lara into your arms in the Cafe yesterday melted my heart too.  Debbie treated her the same way.  It was lovely.

 I hope and pray Lara stays as enthusiastic about her lessons as she is now because I look forward to her blossoming into a beautiful young lady, just like the Jayne Coleman graduates you have helped to mould.

 Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience.


The shows were absolutely fabulous (big thumbs up from all the Scott and Keenan Clans that watched). So pleased to see the girls performing so confidently and great to see all the hard work come together so brilliantly.

I just wanted to say that it was a joy to be involved.  The children were great to chaperone in the dance studio and the chaperone teams lead by Leanne and Becky were amazing.



Thank you so much to you and everyone who helped with the show, it was so amazing!  We thoroughly enjoyed it, it so professional, very well choreographed and planned out,  the whole academy did so well and there must be so many proud parents!!  My parents watched the matinee on Friday and said many adults would of found it hard to do what the girls and boys did on the day and produce such a brilliant show.  My husband and I watched the Saturday night performance the atmosphere was fabulous. My husband works in special effects for the film/TV industry, he said that “it was better than some of the things he has seen”  we enjoyed the whole experience so much and are so proud of Bethany for participating.  We had tears in our eyes.  She absolutely loved taking part and was so happy and on such a high and would definitely do it again.

We would like to thank you all!



I just wanted to email to say what a fabulous show it was!  So professional and entertaining – it was really really fab.  Livana had such an amazing time during all of the rehearsals and performances – some great memories for her.


First of all I have to give you my congratulations on the amazing show you put together, my girls (Celeste and Julieta Icasuriaga) really enjoyed taking part of it and as they described it on their own words “it has been one of the best days of our lives”. I also had a great time being a chaperone myself!



What a fantastic show! Every 3 years it gets better and better! What can you possibly do to top it next time?! 😉  From me & Amelia, thanks for a wonderful opportunity to be part of such a fabulous show!!



My family and I were thunderstruck by the show. What a staggering achievement by everybody! Thank you for your incredible commitment to the work. We have been bopping to some of the tunes since Saturday. Needless to say, Anna loved it. Enjoy the break – we will!



I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous show. I had visitors staying from Manchester who were also impressed by the whole thing. Everything was fab, dancing costumes, the running everything. Lauren had a ball, as did all of them, it was apparent, in there performance.  

Well done you, and all your team!!!!



Congratulations on another amazing show!  Although she only had such a small part Alessia has so enjoyed being part of the show.

I chaperoned upstairs in the girls gallery for the dress rehearsal and all the shows  apart from the one I watched, and I just wanted to say how lovely the girls were. They were so polite, patient and helpful, even when under pressure and tired, particularly early on when there was a bit of costume/ quick change chaos! It was a pleasure to look after them.

I thought you might like the attached photo, taken shortly before we got them ready for the last finale. They were actually performing a song I think they’d made up about preparing for the show. We couldn’t believe they still had the energy and it was a lovely moment that just shows how much they love what they do!
A Hilton


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