Winners of ‘Have to Dance’

CONGRATULATIONS…. to Kath Patel, Lizzie Arcari, Amy Woollard, Harriet Crawford, Miranda Trevithick and Katie Barker for their excellent performances on Wednesday 26th June at Wellington College’s ‘Have to Dance Final’.   Harriet Crawford and Lizzie Arcari performed solos and all of the girls were also involved in a Group piece.   The girls were amongst 15 dances competing for a prize of £3000 in front of a panel of 4 judges, made up from Alleviate and 2 members of Flawless.    The group dance ‘One Step Ahead’ received a standing ovation from the judges and then went on to WIN the competition and the £3000 towards further training.    The girl’s dances had to be themed movie pieces and therefore have spent this past week rehearsing with Jayne.   The winning piece was Matrix with a flavour of spitfire.   All pieces were re-worked and choreographed only 7 days ago and were performed to perfection!    Congratulations girls we are all so proud of you!



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