Amazing results from the Southern Regional Finals this past week for JACAD Company students. A week where talent and hard work speaks volume! It has been a pleasure to witness such wonderful performances and receive so many lovely comments from fellow teachers and audience members. I am so proud of all JACAD Company pupils! Every group Choreographed has qualified through to the All England National Finals, in July! This along with Solos/Duets/Trios/Quartets in all dance genre!

Qualified Dances
First place Snr Character Group Wonderland
First place Snr Mod Group Spitfire
First place Snr Tap Group Jumpin Jack
First place Inter Tap Group Lord of Dance
First place Inter Mod Group Breath
First place Jnr Mod Group Swing
First place Snr Mod Ballet Trio Theo/Josie/Megan
First place Snr Mod Duet Theo/Josie
First place Snr Mod Trio Theo/Lauren/Josie
First place Snr S&D Qrt Emma/Liberty/Theo/Josie
First place Jnr Mod Duet Tia/Holly
Second place Inter Mod Group Run Boy Run
Second place Snr Mod Ballet Group Orchestra
Second place Jnr Tap Group Sparklyjolly
Second place E Song & Dance Emma Westgate
Second place Jnr Character Group Cruella
Second place Snr Mod Qrt Annabel/Emma/Liberty/Megan
Second place Snr Tap Qrt Emily/Theo/Lauren/Megan
Second place Inter Mod Qrt Rachel/Tia/Kristina/Nicola
Second place Jnr Tap Qrt Lola/Gracie/Holly/Tia
Second place Jnr Mod Qrt Lola/Gracie/Holly/Tia
Third place Snr Mod Group Black & Gold
Third place Jnr Mod Group Cats
Third place Snr Mod Ballet Group Yankee
Third place Snr Mod Duet Emma/Megan
E Modern
Theo Simpson through to Dance off
Maria Gregory through to Dance off
Theo Simpson through to Finals

Josie Westgate Honours
Emma Westgate Honours
Megan D’Arcy Honours
Annabel Brennan Honours
Lauren Horsfield Honours

E Ballet
Theo Simpson Honours

B Modern
Tia Crowley through to Dance off
Holly Ryan through to Dance off
Tia Crowley through to finals

Savannah Booth Honours

B Song and Dance
Tia Crowley through to Dance off
Tia Crowley through to Finals

Inter Modern Duets
Kristina/Rachel through to Dance off
Anna/Isobel through to Dance off
Kristina/Rachel through to Finals
Anna/Isobel through to Finals
Izabelle/Livana Honours

C Modern

Isabel Hinchin through to Dance offs
Morgan Phillips through to Dance offs
Rachel Thomas through to Dance offs

Morgan Phillips through to Nationals

Karley Russell Honours

D Modern

Izabelle Cumming
Isobel Gracie

Both received Honours !