Congratulations to our Company pupils for their recent performances at Royal Berkshire Festival and their trophy wins! A special mention to Theo Simpson for winning the Royal Berkshire Championship!

1st Jumpin Jack Snr Tap Group
1st Liberty/Emma/Josie/Annabel Snr Tap Quartet
1st Liberty/Theo/Emma/Josie Snr S & D Qrt
1st Emma/Theo Snr S & D Duet
1st Theo/Josie/Lauren Snr Mod Trio/Qrt
1st Black & Gold Snr Mod Group
1st Theo/Megan/Josie Snr Mod Ballet Trio/Qrt
1st Sparklyjolly Junior Tap Group
1st Swing Junior Modern Group
1st Tia/Holly/Gracie/Lola Jnr Tap Quartet
1st Tia/Holly/Savannah/Maria Jnr S & D Qrt
1st Tia/Holly/Gracie/Lola Jnr Mod Quartet
1st Tia/Holly Jnr Mod Duet
1st Cruella Jnr Character Group
1st Breath Inter Mod Group
1st Rachel/Kristina/Anna/Isobel Inter Ballet Qrt
1st Isabel/Karley/Alex/Ada Int Mod Qrt
1st Anna/Isobel Int Mod Duet
1st Yankee Int Mod Ballet Group
1st Tia Crowley B Character
1st Matilda Woodrow 8yrs Modern Solo
1st Annabel Brennan 16-18yrs Modern Solo
1st Theo Simpson 15-18yrs Ballet Solo
1st Emma Westgate 15 – 18yrs S & D Solo
1st Izabelle Cumming 13yrs Modern Solo
1st Caitlin Oliver 11yrs Tap Solo
1st Karley Russell 11yrs Mod Solo
1st Savannah Booth 10yrs Modern Solo
2nd Theo/Lauren/Emily/Megan Snr Tap Quartet
2nd Annabel/Emma/Megan/Liberty Snr Mod Trio/Qrt
2nd Poppy/Matilda Jnr Mod Duet
2nd Kristina/Rachel Inter Ballet Duet
2nd Rachel/Kristina/Nicola/Tia Int Mod Qrt
2nd Livana/Izabelle Int Mod Duet
2nd Sophie Mann 9yrs Modern Solo
2nd Poppy McManus-Smith 8yrs Modern Solo
2nd Liberty Churchill 16-18yrs Modern Solo
2nd Emma Westgate 16-18yrs Modern Solo
2nd Theo Simpson 15yrs Mod Solo
2nd Emily Miles 15-18yrs Tap Solo
2nd Josie Westgate 15-18yrs Ballet Solo
2nd Isobel Gracie 14yrs Modern Solo
2nd Emily Watson 11yrs Tap Solo
2nd Alexa Krajniewski 11 yrs Ballet Solo
2nd Holly Ryan 10yrs Modern Solo
3rd Anna/Isobel/Livana/Izabelle Int Mod Qrt
3rd Rosie Fletcher 9yrs Modern Solo
3rd Elizabeth Franks 16-18yrs Modern Solo
3rd Maria Gregory 16-18yrs Modern Solo
3rd Josie Westgate 15yrs Mod Solo
3rd Josie Westgate 15-18yrs Tap Solo
3rd Rachel Thomas 12yrs Mod Solo
3rd Isobel Hinchin 11yrs Mod Solo
3rd Ellie Howard 11yrs Mod Solo