Congratulations to all our JACAD Company Dancers for their recent performances at The Royal Berkshire Festival! Each and every one of you deserve to be praised for your commitment and dedication during rehearsals and performances.

Well done to all our solos/duets/trios/quartet trophy winners!
Group trophies won Classical and Stage

1st Place 90 Senior Lyrical Group I’ll Never Love Again
1st Place 90 Intermediate Modern Group Navras
1st Place 89 Intermediate Tap Group Bugle Boy
1st Place 89 Senior Ballet Group Summertime
1st Place 88 Senior Song and Dance Group Found/Tonight
1st Place 88 Senior Tap Group Liquid Spirit
1st Place 88 Senior Modern Group Once in you life
1st Place 88 Inter Contemporary Group Reflections
1st Place B Modern (10 yrs) Sophie Mann
1st Place B Modern (9yrs) Matilda Woodrow
1st Place C Ballet (12yrs) Alex Krajniewski
1st Place C Modern (11yrs) Tia Crowley
1st Place C Modern (12yrs) Morgan Phillips
1st Place C Song and Dance (11 & 12 yrs) Tia Crowley
1st Place C Tap (11 and 12 yrs) Tia Crowley
1st Place D Modern (14yrs) Izabelle Cumming
1st Place E Ballet (15 – 18yrs) Josie Westgate
1st Place E Modern (16-18yrs) Flamecarmen Stafford
1st Place E Stylised Ballet (15-18yrs) Lauren Horsfield
1st Place E Tap (15yrs and Over) Josie Westgate
1st Place Intermediate Ballet Duet Morgan/Lucy
1st Place Intermediate Ballet Quartet Morgan/Rachel/Kristina/Lucy
1st Place Intermediate Modern Trio/Qrt Morgan/Rachel/Kristina/Lucy
1st Place Junior Modern Duet Poppy/Matilda
1st Place Junior Modern Trio/Qrt Mia/Eiddwen/Betsy/Esosa
1st Place Junior Solo Song (10yrs and Under) Fireniece Stafford
1st Place Senior Modern Trio/Quartet Flamecarmen/Josie/Anna
1st Place Senior Solo Song Lauren Horsfield
2nd Place B Modern (10 yrs) Rosie Fletcher
2nd Place B Modern (9yrs) Fireniece Stafford
2nd Place C Ballet (11yrs) Holly Ryan
2nd Place C Ballet (12yrs) Morgan Phillips
2nd Place C Modern (12yrs) Isabel Hinchin
2nd Place C Modern (12yrs) Karley Russell
2nd Place C Song and Dance (11 & 12 yrs) Tim Brennan
2nd Place D Ballet (13yrs) Lucy White
2nd Place D Modern (13yrs) Rachel Thomas
2nd Place E Modern (16-18yrs) Elizabeth Franks
2nd Place E Modern (16-18yrs) Josie Westgate
2nd Place Inter Solo Song (14yrs & Under) Isabel Hinchin
2nd Place Intermediate Ballet Duet Rachel/Kristina
2nd Place Intermediate Modern Duet Izabelle/Livana
2nd Place Intermediate Modern Duet Morgan/Lucy
2nd Place Intermediate Modern Trio/Qrt Tia/Lola/Gracie/Holly
2nd Place Junior Modern Duet Eiddwen/Esosa
2nd Place Junior Modern Trio/Qrt Fireniece/Matilda/Poppy
2nd Place Junior RBF Championship Tia Crowley
2nd Place Senior RBF Championship Lauren Horsfield
3rd Place B Ballet (10yrs) Rosie Fletcher
3rd Place B Modern (9yrs) Poppy McManus-Smith
3rd Place Baby Modern (6yrs and under) Megan Bellon
3rd Place C Modern (11yrs) Gracie Henderson
3rd Place C Modern (11yrs) Savannah Booth
3rd Place C Modern (12yrs) Ellie Howard
3rd Place D Ballet (13yrs) Rachel Thomas
3rd Place E Modern (16-18yrs) Liberty Churchill
3rd Place Inter Solo Song (14yrs & Under) Maria Clayton,
3rd Place Intermediate Ballet Duet Alex/Juliet
3rd Place Intermediate Ballet Quartet Ada/Alex/Juliet/Emily
3rd Place Intermediate Modern Duet Kristina/Rachel
3rd Place Intermediate Modern Trio/Qrt Anna/Nicola/Livana/Izabelle
3rd Place Junior Modern Trio/Qrt Grace/Lily/Lillie/Emberrose
3rd Place Junior RBF Championship Morgan Phillips
3rd Place Senior RBF Championship Josie Westgate
3rd Place Senior Solo Song Josie Westgate