Congratulations to our JACAD Company pupils on their recent success at Woking Festival. Well done to everyone who took part!

1st Snr Mod Grp Black and Gold 92
1st Snr Mod Qrt Megan/Emma/Annabel/Liberty 90
1st Mod Solos 15 -18yrs Maria Gregory 90
1st Snr Mod Duet Josie Westgate/Theo Simpson 89
1st Snr Mod Trio Theo/Josie/Lauren 89
1st Snr Mod Ballet Orchestra 89
1st Modern Solos 10yrs Tia Crowley 89
1st Jnr Mod Grp Swing 88
1st Jnr Mod Duet Tia/Holly 88
1st Snr Tap Qrt Emma/Annabel/Josie/Liberty 88
1st Int Mod Qrt Anna/Isobel/Livana/Izabelle
1st Jnr Mod Qrt Tia/Gracie/Lola/Holly
1st Jnr Tap Grp Sparklyjolly
1st Int Ballet Qrt Anna/Isobel/Kristina/Rachel
1st Modern Solos 8yrs Poppy McManus Smith
1st Jnr Character Grp Junior Character Group
1st Jnr Tap Qrt Tia/Gracie/Lola/Holly
1st Jnr S & D Qrt Holly/Tia/Savannah/Maria
2nd Snr Mod Duet Emma Westgate/Megan D’Arcy
2nd Mod Solos 8yrs Matilda Woodrow
2nd Mod Solos 12yrs Rachel Thomas
2nd Snr Tap Grp Jumpin Jack 90
2nd Snr Mod Grp Spitfire 89
2nd Int Tap Grp Lord of Dance
2nd Int Mod Grp Breath
2nd Snr Style Ballet Grp Yankee Doodle
3rd Int S & D Qrt Isabel/Karley/Tia/Livana
3rd Int Mod Duet Anna/Isobel
3rd Jnr Mod Duet Poppy/Matilda
3rd Snr S & D Qrt Emma/Liberty/Josie/Theo
3rd S & D Solo 10yrs Tia Crowley
3rd Mod Solo 11yrs Karley Russell
3rd Mod Solo 11yrs Ellie Howard
3rd Mod Solo 10yrs Savannah Booth
3rd Mod Solo 10yrs Holly Ryan