What an amazing week JACAD have had at the Dance World Cup in Portugal, our final tally!

3 x gold medalsĀ šŸ…
4 x silver medalĀ šŸ„ˆ
1 x bronze medalĀ šŸ„‰Ā 
1 x 5th place
1 x 7th place

In every genre, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Song and Dance ……

Out of the ten JACAD dances chosen for Team England, to receive 8 with medals is a wonderful achievement personally, and the pride I feel is overwhelming! My pupils were outstanding every single one of them performed their heart out, and the marks from silver to gold were so close!

And Team England were overall winners of the Country Championship winning both the Mini/Childrenā€™s and the Junior/Senior Championship.

Performing in both DWC theatrical Galas as gold medalists was truly breathtaking! Such an array of talent bought together from all over the world. It was incredible….
…… and to top it all we have automatic entry for Rome 2020!

Congratulations everyone!