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Our Academy

Jayne A. Coleman Academy of Dance is based in Berkshire, on the Crowthorne/Wokingham borders, and offers specialist classes in all areas of dance and performance.

The school is well-respected for its high standards, and encourages pupils through solid technique to gain excellent exam results. We offer syllabus classes and examinations from pre-primary to major vocational level in R.A.D. Ballet and I.S.T.D. Modern and Tap. Although not all pupils will take classes in all three disciplines, the students that do so will progress into all-round performers, as the classes compliment each other.

Our premises offer both dance studios and singing rooms, providing a safe and spacious atmosphere for our pupils to learn. Parents can wait in our waiting room with access to a kitchen for tea and coffee.

The school continues to grow in reputation and many of our successful graduates credit their skills and talent to their time at J.A.C.A.D. We continue to provide outstanding teachers and a well-disciplined environment, creating a professional and open atmosphere where talent can, and does, flourish.

The J.A.C.A.D. Experience

Each and every pupil can tailor their experience to suit them personally. Alongside our syllabus classes, we provide body conditioning classes focusing on strength and flexibility, ballet coaching to develop ballet technique, and street jazz classes which are aimed at recreational dancers and those that wish to broaden their training.

We run additional workshops, Easter and Summer Schools, which allow our pupils the opportunity to work with established guest teachers, try new styles of dance and performance, and increase their confidence. These also incorporate musical theatre, singing and acting, which is an essential part of what we do at J.A.C.A.D.

At J.A.C.A.D. we believe that all our pupils should have the opportunity to learn acting and singing to the highest standard. We therefore provide outstanding training in Trinity Guildhall Singing and L.A.M.D.A. Drama examinations. The perfect combination of singing, acting and dance training at J.A.C.A.D. continues to help our pupils become a triple threat!


Pupils that do display talent and commitment are invited to join one of our Student Companies. These are provided at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels and only pupils who study the three dance disciplines of Ballet, Modern and Tap are eligible for invitation.

Whilst natural ability is an obvious requirement, talent is nothing without the work ethic and determination to progress, and an ability to adapt to all dance styles as there is plenty of hard work and usually some hurdles along the way. Work ethic in syllabus classes is an important part of the equation when a pupil is considered. Company students do in fact only attend the one additional class per week on top of what is available to the whole school, but with their own proven dedication it is possible to open up performing opportunities for them.

We encourage our company students to attend Acting and Singing classes, so that they are as well-rounded as possible.  Company pupils are entered into festivals and competitions, in a variety of categories; from solos, duets, trios and quartets, to group numbers. It is a fiercely competitive industry and many of our previous Company students have benefited from an early introduction into this environment which has taken them on into professional performing arts careers.

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