Jazz Classes

Junior Jazz Class

Junior Jazz classes are non-syllabus based. These classes provide a dynamic influence to training using current music and styles. Our weekly classes work on different pieces of choreography broadening the dancers knowledge of dance vocabulary whilst working quickly to pick up the style and steps. Our pupils develop confidence, performance skills and a stronger technique to enhance their modern work. These classes are open to pupils attending Grade 2 Modern to Grade 5 Modern. Modern grade classes in conjunction with the jazz class should enable the pupil to progress into a stronger dancer.

Senior Jazz Class

Our Senior Jazz classes are also non-syllabus based. Working with current music and dance trends associated with the industry, we aim to provide the very latest styles at this level. These classes are offered to our older pupils and many of our pupils choose to dance for a hobby and enjoy the freedom these classes offer.    Those pupils who wish to take their dancing more seriously with a view to dancing professionally realise the importance of these classes too. Learning the art of picking up choreography and performance simultaneously in preparation for auditions is essential. Progress in jazz requires a strong foundation, although not compulsory we encourage the attendance of ballet and modern classes in addition.

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