Drama Classes

Drama Classes on offer at JACAD

Our Drama classes cater for all levels and personalities! We want to offer our pupils the very best teachers and opportunities.

Our Junior lessons will inspire the next generation of actors building their self confidence and unlock their imagination in a fun environment. Our Intermediate and Senior classes will focus on preparation for LAMDA examinations. LAMDA examinations are a great way to unlock a range of skills that will serve an individual throughout their life.  The LAMDA classes consist of learning different monologues, working on interpretation and vocal technique and for the higher grades some theory as well. It will build up self confidence, as well as developing communication skills and refining their technical ability. As well as preparing students to take their LAMDA exams, pupils work on their acting technique, with vocal exercises to improve their voices and improvisation games and exercises to work on their acting and improv skills.

In 2009 LAMDA Examinations became accredited, therefore students taking the higher grades in the LAMDA syllabus (Bronze, Silver & Gold) the result are the equivalent of AS and A-Level grades. This means that when applying for university, results can count towards UCAS points.

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