Congratulations to our Company Dancers for the success at the recent Kingston Festival! Fabulous work everyone.

1st 92 Senior Modern Group Once in your life
1st 92 Inter Modern Group Breathe
1st 91 C Modern Solo (12yrs) Morgan Phillips
1st 91 Inter Mod Duet Kristina/Rachel
1st 90 C Modern Solos (11yrs) Holly Ryan
1st 90 C Ballet Solos (12 yrs) Morgan Phillips
1st 90 Modern Solos (13yrs) Rachel Thomas
1st 89 E Ballet Solo Josie Westgate
1st 89 B Modern Solos (9yrs) Matilda Woodrow
1st 89 Inter Mod Qrt Rachel/Lucy/Kristina/Morgan
1st 89 Junior Modern Duets Poppy/Matilda
1st 89 Inter Ballet Duet Rachel/Kristina
2nd 89 E Modern Solos Flamecarmen Stafford
2nd 89 C Ballet Solos (12 yrs) Alexa Krajniewski
2nd 88 C S & D Tia Crowley
2nd 91 Inter Tap Group Bugle Boy
2nd 89 C Modern Solo (11yrs) Tia Crowley
2nd 88 E Ballet Solo Lauren Horsfield
3rd 89 Inter Mod Duet Tia/Holly
3rd 89 Inter Mod Duet Izabelle/Livana
3rd 89 Modern Solos (14yrs) Izabelle Cumming
3rd 88 C Tap Solo Tia Crowley
3rd 88 C Modern Solo (12yrs) Isabel Hinchin
3rd 87 Inter Mod Qrt Tia/Holly/Gracie/Lola
3rd 86 B Modern Solos (10yrs Rosie Fletcher