Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Scheduled Classes

Please refer to the timetable on the noticeboard or online. Fees will be invoiced on a termly basis for a standard 11 week term, but on occasion terms will be extended and charges will be on a pro-rata basis.

Terms of Payment

Invoices for Timetabled classes are distributed in class at the beginning of each term.

Payments are due at the beginning of each new term.

Payments can be made by Cheque (made payable to J.A.C.A.D) or Cash. BACs is not currently available. For more information on payment contact jayne@jacad.org

Any cheques returned unpaid will incur a £6.50 handling charge.

Accounts unsettled by the due date will have a 10% Surcharge added to them.

We reserve the right to suspend your child’s classes in the event of unsettled accounts.

In the event of a pupil leaving J.A.C.A.D with fees still outstanding, J.A.C.A.D reserve the right to pursue recovery of the unsettled amount by legal means.

If for any reason classes are cancelled by the school, these will either be made up on a separate occasion or pupils will be given the option to make up time lost in an alternative class.

Should classes be cancelled due to extreme weather or circumstances beyond the control of J.A.C.A.D., these classes will not be made up.

Fees will not be waived in respect of short-term absence. Instances of long-term injury or absence will be dealt with on an individual basis, so please contact the school.

Invoices will be issued separately for any festival entry or exam entry, together with additional coaching classes or rehearsals as and when these occasions arise. Payment terms will be noted on these invoices, but please be aware that entry fees will have already been paid by J.A.C.A.D. to confirm entry in these instances and prompt payment is appreciated.


Examination candidates are chosen by the teacher. Pupils are entered for exams by the teacher; these are invoiced for separately and involve additional fees, for extra exam coaching classes, hall hire and accompaniment.

Please note that extra exam classes scheduled to prepare pupils for exams are non-refundable should the pupil be unable to attend.

Payment terms will be noted on these invoices, but please be aware that entry fees will have already been paid by J.A.C.A.D. to confirm entry in these instances and prompt payment is appreciated.


One term’s notice of withdrawal from a class (in writing please) or one term’s fees in lieu (11 weeks). Written notice should be given at the beginning of a new term.


Teaching and correcting a dance position may involve a member of staff making physical contact with a pupil, which will always be undertaken with care and respect. If you have any objection to your child being assisted in this manner, please inform the school in writing.

Singing and Drama Tuition Fees

Payment must be received in advance of the commencement of the term to which it relates and not later than the first lesson of term.

A full term’s notice of withdrawal is required (in writing) or a full term’s notice be paid in lieu of such notice.

Any lesson that a pupil misses during the stipulated term-times will not be replaced unless the circumstances are exceptional.

The fee for any lesson that a pupil fails to attend is not refundable under any circumstances.

Singing Tuition

Terms and Conditions of Singing Lessons with Alexa Terry at J.A.C.A.D.

1. Full payment of invoices can be made in two instalments but each half must be received no later than the first lesson of term, and no later than the first lesson on return after the mid-term break. If payment hasn’t been made, the session may not go ahead.
2. A no refund policy is in place. Therefore, the fee for any lesson a pupil fails to attend will not be refunded under any circumstances
3. Any lesson that a pupil fails to attend during the term dates will not be replaced unless this is J.A.C.A.D related. Absences due to festival performances will be made up either during or at the end of term, however, this will not be carried over to a following term period.
4. If you are unable to attend a session, please kindly give me at least 24-hours notice.
5. A full term’s notice of withdrawal is required in writing if you wish to stop singing lessons. If this is not adhered to, a full term’s fees will be charged.
6. Each pupil will have access to a student portal where they will find repertoire, exercises and attendance notes. You will have your own secure log-in so only you and I have access to your details.


Photographs taken of the pupils either in class or at a festival or show venue may on occasion be used for publicity purposes. If you have any objection to your child being included in such publicity, please inform the school in writing.

Duty of Care

J.A.C.A.D. has a responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for teaching, and our pupils’ welfare is paramount. Please be aware, however, that no formal supervision is available for children outside the classroom. It is at your own discretion, therefore, at what age your children are left at the Pinewood Site rather than having their parents in the building. My guidance to parents has always been that if a pupil is the last one to be collected from the changing room area and finds themselves alone, they must return to the care of an ongoing class within the complex and wait with that teacher until they are collected. All pupils, regardless of age, are required to wait within the building for their lifts to arrive and not wait in the car park area unsupervised. We do not allow our pupils to walk outside the building between classes; all pupils must walk through the studios to their next class. Parental co-operation is required so that between us we ensure the safety of your children.

Children should always ensure they are dressed appropriately when transferring between classes or leaving the building.

Should children be left on the site and are found to be misbehaving to the extent that parents need to be contacted, these children will not in future be allowed on the premises unsupervised until such times that their behaviour has greatly improved.

Contact Details

It is imperative to ensure we have emergency contact details for all pupils, for parents to keep the school up to date with changes to address and/or telephone numbers.


J.A.C.A.D. will treat all matters relating to pupils with utmost confidentiality.

Concerns and/or Complaints

Should you have any concern relating to a member of staff, or any other matter, please contact the Principal directly on 01276 508789 and in the event of no answer please leave a message requesting an urgent and confidential callback.


Public Liability Insurance is in place.

Responsibility is not accepted for loss or expense due to circumstances beyond the control of J.A.C.A.D., such as fire or weather, and no loss or damage to personal property.   J.A.C.A.D. do not accept responsibility for death or personal injury to any child attending class or on the premises, unless it is through negligence or default on our part.

Responsibilities for parent or guardian

Attendance at class is deemed to be acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.

It is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian to notify J.A.C.A.D of any illness or injury that may affect the child’s participation at class, exams or festivals.

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